• Our mission

    The Acle Law Firm is the leading South Florida insurance claim litigation law firm specializing in aggressive legal representation on behalf policyholders against their insurance companies. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive legal counsel tailored to a client’s specific needs so they receive the maximum benefit of their insurance policy.

  • Our Philosophy

    We are recognized thought leaders in insurance law, adding value to our clients through collaboration and teamwork. Our many years of experience coupled with innovative thinking and a business-focused approach to problem solving allows us to navigate the complex arena of insurance disputes and litigation while reaching the best solution for our clients. We remain on the leading edge of the law, taking the time to study, track and anticipate changes in insurance regulations that could potentially impact our clients. In every matter that we handle, we partner with our clients to minimize risk and help and resolve disputes.

    Our Philosophy
  • Our history

    Acle Law Firm was founded in June 2009 with the goal of building a world-class insurance claims law firm singularly focused on serving the needs of Florida clients in resolving their property damage insurance claims, bad faith claims, agent negligence claims, and engineering negligence claims. Edward L. Acle, the firm’s founding partner, launched Acle Law Firm to provide Floridians with skilled insurance counseling using a flexible billing structure based on individual situations and objectives. With offices in the heart of Miami, FL, our firm is well positioned to provide the best representation for insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies for denied, underpaid or delayed claims.

  • Firm culture

    At Acle Law Firm, we pride ourselves on collaboration. We’re a diverse group of professionals who operate collectively towards a single goal – providing our clients with the best in insurance claims representation. Our attorneys use this same “team” approach when working with clients to find the right solution for difficult issues. We believe everyone plays an important role on our team as a hands-on contributor to achieving the end goal. Our approach is supported by our firm’s open culture, which is designed to support independent thought and encourage creative problem solving because we believe this style works to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

    Firm culture