South Florida is known for unpredictable weather – from severe tropical storms to brutal afternoon showers – and damage from these storms can be extensive and widespread. Strong winds can damage roofs, knock down trees and crumble utility poles on to your property. Damage to your home or business caused by a storm can allow water to seep in causing destruction to your walls, floor, electrical systems, furniture, appliances and more. Additionally, water can cause mold to generate putting you in serious risk for respiratory problems.

Below is just some of the coverage usually present in a storm damage claim:

  • Structural damage to your home or commercial property
  • Damage to other structures
  • Damage to personal property
  • Additional living expenses and loss of earnings

Because storm-related damage claims can become complicated very quickly, it’s critical to have an experienced attorney on your side that can make sure your insurance carrier is acting honestly and fairly when evaluating your claim.

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