At the Acle Law Firm, our team understands the extensive and significant damage fire can cause to a property. From the flames themselves to the smoke and water used to control it, the resulting damage from a fire is not only complex, but also emotionally overwhelming for property owners. From partial loss to total loss, fires can be life altering.

Understanding the nuances of your insurance policy, its terms, conditions and limitations is difficult for anyone, but especially challenging when you are dealing with the aftermath of fire damage.

At the Acle Law Firm, we can help you with the following:

  • Assist you in the investigation by your insurance company
  • Thoroughly review view your policy to determine appropriate coverage
  • Provide independent investigation if necessary
  • Challenge inaccurate appraisal of damages

If you have sustained fire or smoke damage and losses, or are currently involved in a claim that is being denied, underpaid or delayed, contact the Acle Law Firm today at 305-447-4667 for a free consultation.