What are the 3 Most Important Steps When Filing a Property Insurance Claim in Florida?

Sometimes tragedy strikes. It can be scary, and even overwhelming. If your Florida home, condo or business has been damaged by fire, flood or hurricane, or for any reason, you’re probably thinking to yourself – “thank goodness we have insurance.”


If you’ve never filed a claim before, don’t fret because there are certain steps you can take to ensure your insurance your insurance company can respond quickly to your needs, especially as it relates to severe damage that may leave your home of office uninhabitable.


These basic 3 steps below outline what absolutely needs to get done in order to file an insurance claim and also what you can do if your insurance carrier, denies, delays or undervalues your claim.



You have to let them know that damage occurred. You can’t expect your insurance company to respond to your coverage needs if you don’t notify them. If you have an insurance agent, contact them first. The response time may be shorter and more personable. If not, simply contact the 24-hour call center and provide the necessary details to begin your claim.



Your insurance company is going to send an adjuster to survey the damage, but until they arrive, it’s your responsibility to record any damage that has occurred through photographs, video while also making an inventory list of damaged or destroyed items. DO NOT clean up any of the damage before the adjuster has a chance to see it. If you have to move an object for safety reasons or to prevent more damage, that’s ok. Just make sure to record original positions and the damage caused. All of this is important because it factors into how your claim is evaluated.



The adjuster is going to give you an estimate of the damages and the cost of replacement. Just remember, insurance adjusters are employed by the insurance company so it’s not always in their best interest to maximize your coverage for your loss. It’s a good idea to get an estimate for repairs on your own.


At Acle Law, we only specialize in one thing – Florida property insurance claims. We’ve been doing it for decades and our attorneys understand the nuanced approach needed to maximize your claim and get the repairs done. At Acle Law, we provide a complimentary review of your insurance policy, so you understand what is and what is not protected. We will walk you through the terms of your insurance policy and provide representation in any dispute in Florida where your insurer is denying, delaying or under-paying your claim. Call our Miami property insurance claim attorneys at the Acle Law Firm today at 305-447-4667 or visit Acle Law for a free consultation.