Top Seven Things to do to Prepare for the 2020 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season here and it’s essential to prepare your Miami home or Miami business before potential disaster can strike – especially if you live in South Florida where we call home. Now is the time to determine your personal hurricane risk and better understand local hurricane evacuation zones while reviewing and updating your Miami property insurance policies. It’s also a good idea to make a list of hurricane emergency supplies you’ll need and to start and pull that kit together now as best you can. Keep in mind, you may need to adjust storm preparedness based on health and safety guidelines from the CDC and local and state officials. But to get you started, Acle Law has pulled together this basic Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for you:


  1. Determine Property Risk
  2. Develop an Evacuation Plan
  3. Gather Disaster Supplies
  4. Get an Insurance Check-Up from Acle Law
  5. Trim Trees and Strengthen Property
  6. Help Neighbors and Community
  7. Document Existing Property with Photos and Video


Please keep in mind that every homeowners and business property insurance policy is different, so it’s critical to have an expert attorney review it so you fully understand what you do and do not have coverage for.


If you experience an insurance loss from a hurricane, tropical storm or other major weather event or natural disaster, don’t be surprised when your insurance company’s first reaction is to claim that your damage was due to pre-existing conditions or is not covered under the terms of your policy. But don’t worry, our experienced and aggressive attorneys at Acle Law are on your side and we won’t stop fighting on your behalf until you receive the benefits you are entitled to. We work with the very best construction, restoration and mitigation experts in their fields to determine the facts on your behalf.


Insurance policies can be confusing and overwhelming. In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, you should contact an experienced Florida insurance claims attorney. We will walk you through the terms of your insurance policy and provide representation in any dispute in Florida where your insurer is denying, delaying or under-paying your claim. Call our Miami property insurance claim attorneys at the Acle Law Firm today at 305-447-4667 or visit Acle Law for a free consultation.