The Three Most Important Tips for Filing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Following a Hurricane

With Dorian spinning in the Atlantic, South Florida homeowners should be preparing their homes and putting their affairs in order to potentially file a claim with their home, flood and windstorm insurance companies. We’re hopeful that no storms will make landfall, but if Dorian or another one does, those South Floridians who planned ahead will be in the best position to maximize their coverage and begin rebuilding quickly.

Understand what to do (and what not to do) following a hurricane
There is an inevitable sense of helplessness in the chaos immediately following a hurricane. However, remember that the sooner you file a claim, the sooner you will be able to secure coverage. Call your insurance carrier the day after a storm, even if it takes hours to get through on the phone. Getting your claim in early will put you on the path to recovery quicker.

Watch out for Scams and Fraud
While disaster usually brings out the best in people – strangers helping each other, neighbors and family coming together – some people use the aftermath of a hurricane as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting or vulnerable homeowners. Be aware of price gouging, assignment of benefits fraud and misleading rumors about storm disaster recovery.

Be Ready for your Insurance Carrier to Dispute Your Claim
It’s inevitable during a storm – home, windstorm and flood insurance carriers will routinely deny coverage and customarily claim that the storm damage was actually a prior loss. As a homeowner, it’s important to know when your insurance company crosses the line into bad faith, and to take the proper action at the first sign your claim is being improperly denied.

Your home is a major investment and if you have sustained damage and losses in your home or business following a hurricane or other disaster, or you are currently involved in a claim that is being denied, underpaid or delayed, contact our Miami property insurance claim attorneys at the Acle Law Firm today at 305-447-4667 for a free consultation.