Preparing for the 2018 Hurricane Season

It’s official and there is no turning back. The 2018 hurricane season is underway and it’s time to prepare. As we saw with Hurricane Irma last year and with other deadly storms over the decades, hurricanes can be devastating, especially if your insurance policy doesn’t cover the full extent of your property damage and if you don’t take certain steps following a storm. As Floridians, it’s our responsibility to understand the damage caused by hurricanes to our homes and businesses and how we can work to maximize our insurance recovery should a hurricane strike.

Common Types of Hurricane Damage

If you understand the basics of hurricane damage, then you can work to ensure that you have the appropriate property insurance coverage. According to the National Storm Damage Center, the primary sources of damage during a hurricane are high winds, flying debris, flooding and downed power lines. Cars, buildings, businesses and homes can all sustain serious damage by hurricanes.


High winds can knock over trees into your property while also dislodging your roof or damaging windows. Heavy rains and storm surge can cause flooding, which can damage both the exterior and interior or your property. If your property does sustain water damage, then mold can also set it in and trigger a completely different set of problems.


Common Issues Preventing Policyholders from Recovering Losses

While the assumption is that your insurance policy will cover everything in the event of property damage - that is simply not the case. There are certain actions you should and should not do before and after a storm in order to maximize your recovery under your policy.


  • Do not throw away damaged personal property until it has been properly documented. If items are discarded, you will not have proof of their damage.
  • You need to take immediate steps to remedy or prevent additional damage. For example, cover up broken windows and damaged roofs.
  • Take pictures and video of your entire home, which will aid in any insurance claims. Make sure to take pictures of the outside, inside and roof.
  • Protect areas of your home where wind can enter and secure your windows and doors.
  • Prune trees and shrubs before hurricane season to minimize debris.


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