More than Half of Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims Remain Unpaid

Five months after Hurricane Irma formed, fewer than half of its nearly 877,000 claims in Florida worth an estimated $7.2 billion have been closed with payment, state records show. More than 83 percent of the claims involve residential property, with most in South Florida according to information recently released by the state Office of Insurance Regulation.

While these numbers are staggering, the figures are expected to rise over the coming year as claims continue to trickle in. Insurers claim they are working hard to meet the individual needs of policyholders, but homeowners and businesses are bearing the brunt of these delays as the 90-day window for insurance companies to address claims filed soon after the storm hit continue to mount.

For those lucky enough to receive a check, beware of the language attached that states you are releasing the insurance company from any further costs related to the claim. That means if more damage is found during the repair process, you have no recourse to go back and revisit any additional claim issues.

Industry data shows that Miami-Dade County has the largest number claims at 115,548 followed by Broward County at 73,096; Orange County at 69,201; Lee County at 66,445; and Collier County at 65,692.

As native South Floridians, the attorneys at Acle Law Firm are very familiar with the overwhelming effects that Hurricane Irma had our city and state. That’s why we remain committed to helping individuals and businesses recover the maximum benefits owed under their respective insurance policies.

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