Insurance Adjuster or Public Adjuster…Who can Best Assess my Florida Property Damage Claim?

At Acle Law, we’ve always believed that the more our South Florida neighbors know about the property insurance process, the more empowered they are to make the most informed decisions about any property insurance claim.


After a claim is filed, your property damage needs to be accurately examined in order to determine the severity and potential costs for repairs. Those inspections are carried out by an insurance adjuster, who is paid by the insurance company to evaluate your claim. While they may claim impartiality, make no mistake they work directly for the insurance company, which means they have a vested interest in potentially minimizing your possible payout. Their job is to provide a settlement that will satisfy your property damage. However, during the process, they may overlook losses that are not obvious, leading to future expenses that will not be covered by your policy.

So, what is a public adjuster or otherwise known as an independent adjuster, and what can they do for you? A licensed, certified public adjuster is truly an independent arbiter that you hire to carefully examine your insurance policy and estimate the full scope of your property damage. A good public adjuster will initiate an in-depth, independent, and comprehensive appraisal of your property damage that does not focus on the insurance company’s best interest.


Unfortunately, property damage is often accompanied by the stress of not knowing exactly what your insurance company will cover. At Acle Law, our insurance claims attorneys are some of the best in South Florida and will use their more than four decades of combined skill and experience to:


  • Ensure your policy and corresponding claim align
  • Help you investigate your damages to determine an accurate value of your losses
  • Maximize your settlement to ensure you properly fix the damages
  • Take your case to court when negotiations with your carrier are unsuccessful
  • Hold your insurance carrier accountable when they are acting in bad faith


At Acle Law, we only specialize in one thing – Florida property insurance claims. We’ve been doing it for decades and our attorneys understand the nuanced approach needed to maximize your claim and get the repairs done. At Acle Law, we provide a complimentary review of your insurance policy, so you understand what is and what is not protected. We will walk you through the terms of your insurance policy and provide representation in any dispute in Florida where your insurer is denying, delaying, or under-paying your claim. Call our Miami property insurance claim attorneys at the Acle Law Firm today at 305-447-4667 or visit Acle Law for a free consultation.