Common Questions Surrounding Proof of Loss in Florida

After you suffer property damage, your first instinct may be to clean up the mess as quickly as possible and get back to normal life. However, as it pertains to your property insurance claim, this might not be the best thing to do until you have gathered all the necessary evidence and proof of your losses. Your insurance company is not going to allow you to estimate your own damages, which means shortly after you report your losses, you will be required to provide proof evidence. This process begins with the Proof of Loss request. 


What is Proof of Loss?

It’s a formal document your insurance company sends you that helps facilitate the investigation that takes place after you file a property damage claim.  Usually, it requires:


  • Sum of the losses claimed
  • Documents that support the sum of the losses claimed
  • Parties claiming the loss under the policy
  • The date and cause of the loss
  • Those who have an interest in the claim 


Since this is typically the first document that your insurer receives that includes specific details about your claim, it is in your best interest to comply with the Proof of Loss requirements to efficiently process your claim. 


Should I worry about being denied because I provide a Proof of Loss?

So long as you follow all directions to file an accurate claim, this should not be a concern. If you receive a POL request, it means that your insurer seeks additional information to support your claim. You should do everything you can to prove the value of your claim, even if it means working with a public claims adjuster to determine the value of the property you lost.


What information does my insurer need from me? 

Your Proof of Loss will be tailored to your specific case. If it asks direct questions, work with your property insurance lawyer so you can answer them to the best of your ability. 


What if I provide wrong information?

A Proof of Loss is essentially a sworn statement. You are legally required to include valid and accurate information to the best of your knowledge. Intentionally lying or misrepresenting damages can get you into serious legal trouble. 


What if I don’t respond to the Proof of Loss request?

You may not only give your insurance company a perfectly valid reason to deny your claim, but you may also forfeit your right to sue them for refusing to issue you a settlement. It’s crucial to respond to the POL request promptly.


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